MadMozart Productions

 Gone are the days of having people come in off the street and try to sell their band and music to you. Gone is the time you had to spend looking for the right band at the right price. Now you can just look up a band that has your available date, and book it online.

Go to the page of the bands and click through them, check out their pricing and listen to music, watch their videos, and see what you can expect to get when YOU book them for yourselves. It's easy, and you'll be able to get bands you either didn't know existed, or new bands that are just what you're looking for. Easy. Scroll through the bands, find one you like, fill out the easy form below, and we'll check on the availability and get right back to you within 48 hours.

We'll confirm with the band, e-mail you a contract and you'll be set. You can book your club, festival,  casino, wedding, party, convention, or corporate event, online, right here.

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