Whether you perform music for Clubs, Festivals, Casinos, Weddings, Parties, Schools, or Corporate Affairs, signing up a MadMozart Productions will get you where you want to be.....Hired.

The online booking puts you where your customers shop! At MadMozart.US  All you do is pay your yearly fee and you are available for all of the Talent Buyers in the area to browse the music they are looking for, and can look right at your page. By paying an additional marketing fee, MadMozart will make sure you are up front and in person with the Talent buyers. With all of our radio, and internet marketing, you can hear your music right there and allow those buyers to buy you. Since we're on many radio stations, people that are listening to our marketing are listening to you. Even those people that may not always need music will know where we are. We are online booking and we are making it easy to book the best in music.

Follow our instructions and you'll have the best page available for those that are looking for you. Hurry and get in on the ground floor and get your marketing package. For this low amount of money for a year of marketing, it just can't be beat. Sign up below, check out one of our bands pages to see what yours will look like, and get booked soon.

Two prices.

The yearly marketing package allows you to have access to the website, have your own page listed, and be part of an exciting MadMozart lineup. For only $25 per month, you will be in line for talent buyers to pick you 24/7. No CD's to run, no gas money to the club or where ever, and you'll be right here as people having parties, weddings, festivals and much more log on to check out the music available to pick from in the area. If you are here, you have a great chance to be picked.

The second price is the total marketing package plus advertising. As our agents go to clubs, we bring up names of the best bands and when our advertising hits the streets with radio and print, your name is added to this. You are guaranteed at least two month of advertising while we let people know how to find you. Let our advertising get you gigs.
Fill out the form below to get the best representation for your band. MadMozart has been booking bands since 2000 and knows what most talent buyers are looking for. The problem with booking is that most bands don't know what they're being expected to provide. We will help you with this, and as you set up your band page, we will put it into the words that talent buyers are looking for.

So, if you don't have a couple of live YouTube videos, you might as well get started putting one together. Talent buyers want to see what you look like on stage. Talent buyers want to see that you can engage the crowd. Talent buyers would like to know that you are going to be a draw. Yes, it would be great if they could just hire you for your music and give you money to play, and then promote their own places, but they are expecting something from you. Help.

So show us what you have and talent buyers will use your services.

Musician Information Page

Just fill out the information and MadMozart will build your page. Allow us 24  /48 hours to get you online after payment and you'll be in the middle of online booking.
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